Perché ho messo anch’io la foto arcobaleno

Sono parole che devono essere condivise, affinché finalmente ci si sporga un poco al di fuori del nostro piccolo mondo e ci si confronti con le persone a noi vicine, perché sforzarsi di comprendere chi ci sta accanto è molto più appagante che ignorarci gli uni gli altri. Siamo tutti diversi, accettiamoci e valorizziamo la nostra diversità! Non vedo la necessità di innalzare barriere a tal proposito, si tratta di civile convivenza, di riuscire ad essere umani.

Se lo scrivi resta

Io sono nata con la camicia, devo ammetterlo. Sono una ragazza italiana nata in un periodo in cui l’Italia era un paese più che benestante. Sono bianca, etero, cattolica credente (anche se ultimamente, per pigrizia, poco praticante) e per di più mi ha generata la più tradizionale e felice delle famiglie. Sono, insomma, una di quelle fortunate accentratrici di tante caratteristiche che la gente definisce “normali”.

Eppure ieri ho arcobalenato anch’io la mia foto profilo, e il 6 giugno ero al gay pride di Pavia con tanto di adesivo “HUMAN RIGHTS ARE MY PRIDE!”, generosamente distribuito da Amnesty International, incollato sul petto.
Per la prima volta sono andata ad una di queste carnevalate, come spesso le ho sentite chiamare ultimamente, e ho compreso tante cose nuove.

Ho capito innanzitutto che non si può giudicare degnamente qualcosa dall’esterno, e che visto da dentro il Gay Pride spesso e volentieri non ha nulla…

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The Pattern of Anxiety

Today, as I was laying on the couch going through the last pages of Paper Towns (since I bought it about a month ago I HAD to read it before everyone started spoilering the plot just because of the film coming out soon -oh, I hate those people so much!), I started thinking about the pleasure of enjoying a good reading, which it hadn’t occurred me in a quite long time, and suddenly I started wondering how I could be feeling so relaxed when the beginning of “Hard as Hell May” is just around the corner.

Analyzing my current situation I would say that my anxiety level is momentarily stuck at the lowest point, and my prediction is for it to rise enormously on Sunday the 3rd (from the early morning), when it will quickly reach a peek slightly over the latest highest one.
How can I be so sure? Well, I actually have my reasons to freak out about what I am going to face in the next few weeks, like huge theatre rehearsals, dangerous Greek tests, double CAE exams, a huge theatre performance, and another dozen of insidious tests which will perpetuate until the end of school. Not to mention my thesis, which I have to present at the final exam, and I obviously haven’t started yet (mostly due to the fact that everytime I shower I change my opinion about it, but there’s no way I am going to stop showering until June).
There is a pretty much coherent explanation even for this sort of break I am taking from the usual paranoiac situation, since I believe it functiones as an outburst for all these awful oppressive feelings you collect the rest of the time. I mean, we’re just kids, we can’t let all this dark stream strengthen inside of us, we’ve got to let it go at some point. And my personal way to avoid its overflowing is to completely empty my mind, in order to find in there some sort of locus amoenus where I can rest. I like being alone, with the only company of my own thoughts, especially when there’s so much noise out there that you even forget yourself.
Saturday we stayed home because it was the Liberation Day, yesterday we went to a schooltrip, and tomorrow we’re repeating it (this time headed to Rovereto), May 1st will be holiday again, so lately the rhythm has been loosened a bit (and yet today I was in school for 8 hours, so…) helping me settling in this relax stage, before we hit again the dirt road.
Hopefully having found this pattern will help me face the last tragic anxiety peek without falling apart.

A very self conscious Keirati


View from the castle of Montefiorino

Mid-April mood 

Cherry flowers in the backyard

I wish I had the chance to enjoy this floral atmosphere in a better way, but for the moment I guess I’ll just have to be content with the bike ride I take every morning to go to school and then to go back home. 

Since during every winter I develop the  incredible ability to dress and eat breakfast while sleepwalking, the morning fresh breeze of the recent spring days is the first thing that really wakes me up. Instead of crawling into the classroom I enter it with my pinkish cheeks lit up by the wind coming from the opposite direction (and also by the slight terror of being late).

While going to school I always try to move as fast as possible, even because I never leave home early enough to spend time contemplating nature; on the contrary when coming back I take my time to appreciate the cherry fields and even the flowers in the city centre, that make me realize why Vignola is this famous for its blooming.

I had missed this spectacular everyday view, and right now I still can’t get enough. Instead of hurrying myself to lunch sometime I first have a walk and a look in our garden to see how every sprout and flower change and grow day by day. It is amazing to have your eyes filled with such a colorful sight and your nostrils permeated by the intense variety of smells, especially when you spend most of the day studying bent over a desk. 

In the front garden…

Now I’ll leave wishing you all a goodnight, and inviting you to join me in this appreciation of spring, no matter how troubled might this month be at work/school/etc.


Keirati 🙂

Peace and Love

I’m back from the deads, like literally.
I left you two months ago, while living an amazing experience in Prague and right now that feels just like a dream, since I’m back to school, the Italian school, I mean. That place where you get too much things to study and to remember and very few things to enjoy. I went there for just a month and it already sucked my vital energy, it stole my soul faster than a Dementor’s kiss, actually. But anyway, the most logical thing to do isn’t beginning from the end of the story, but from the start (= where I left you). So…

You already know I fell in love with Prague, what you don’t know is that I also adored Dresden and Berlin, the other two destinations of my trip.
Dresden is a brand new city, a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes; during and after the II World War it had been drastically drestroyed and it couldn’t be rebuilt until after the Berlin Wall fell and the Sovietic Union left Germany. In almost two decades the city has been given the old charm and look it had before the bombs transformed it into a dusty and poor land, and I really understand why it is usually called the “Florence of the North”. We visited the Zwinger, this wonderfully reconstructed building that hosts the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, which cointains the famous “Sistine Madonna” by Raffaello and 100 masterpieces bought by August III from the Duke of Modena, so basically it is filled with paintings made by Italian artists (such as Correggio, Giorgione, Parmigianino, Canaletto, Pinturicchio, Tiziano, Mantegna and many others) we couldn’t valorize, as well as flemish and dutch art. We spent two nights there and were very lucky because there was also a wonderful festival that was held in every square of the city and along the river, with many different shopping and food stands.

Panorama of a square in Dresden

Panorama of a square in Dresden

Berlin is completely different; different from Dresden, Prague or any other capital city I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many). It is new, modern and in construction, and yet imbued with history, that compared to the one settled in Rome is much more recent and therefore touching – I believe this is the right word. Not just every museum about Nazi period or the Cold War is a valuable witness that transmits you very powerful emotions, its streets are a living monument commemorating a city, people and families, that have been forced to live totally parted for decades, like ventricles of the same heart. Walking down the differents street of the city it’s possible to recognize how those two worlds grew different from each other during the years. The triumph of modernity and globalization especially in some areas of the city is highlighted by the constrast with streets like Karl Marx Allee, surrounded by simple and gray buildings, all looking similar to each others, that represent very well the atmosphere absorbed in communism in which half of the city was immersed. And the Wall is not gone forever, because if you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes in history, you’d better learn from what happened; so there’s a brick line on the ground crossing the city exactly where the wall was, marking how Berlin (and a whole country) was divided into two parts; and then there’s few meters of  still standing wall next to the Topographie des Terror, another incredible statement about the cruelty of men against other men.

"Madness" written on a still standing fragment of the Berlin Wall

“Madness” written on a still standing fragment of the Berlin Wall

Nobody has any intention of building a wall.
– Walter Ulbricht, a not so good liar.

 Coming back to Italy, I went to Narritorno (a local meeting for all the AFS returnees in my area) and I met again my beloved Carolina, so we also had the chance to speak again a bit of Thai. The day after I had to face the Italian exam, and then Latin and History of Art. I was scared, but I have to say that I passed pretty brilliantly, so I started this (hopefully) last year of school, and now I’m drowing because of the too many things I have to do, ’cause I’m also attending lessons to take my driving license AND, most important of all, I am now a volounteer and an assistent to a very friendly girl from Belgium named May who is hosted in Sassuolo 🙂

Narritorno: me and Carolina

Narritorno: me and Carolina

I have to say AFS volounteering takes a lot of time but it also pays back a lot: I am really happy to help and support someone who is doing this wonderful and life-changing experience. In addition to this, Andrea (a returnee from the USA, who attends the same school as I do) and I talked about our experiences and about AFS-Intercultura at the school’s assemblies, so that if someone is interested they can join the AFS meeting in Modena or Bologna in order to get further information about the exchange programmes and hosting programmes. And if there’s someone of you readers interested in this, these are the schedules for the meetings:
– MODENA, via Sant’Orsola 40, presso la FONDAZIONE FILIPPO NERI, 30/10/2014, h 16,00
– BOLOGNA, via Santo Stefano 119, 26/10/2014, h 16:00
OR you can also check AFS-Intercultura website.

Exchange students and returnees in Modena hosting centre

Exchange students and returnees in Modena hosting centre, behind us there’s Vignola’s castle.

Apart from this necessary propaganda, I wanted to tell you also about the last weekend, when I went to Umbria for the March for peace, from Perugia to Assisi. I had already done this, three years ago, and it was amazing, so this year my family and I went there again and this time I also invited Michela to join us, since she lives in Umbria, because I missed her so bad in the latest two months! The crowd in the march is always colorful and cheering and since the distance is pretty long (18km + 4km going back to the bus) we spent there a whole day, and in the end I finally found my Mina! I was so happy my heart could have exploded!!

Assisi in the distance

Assisi in the distance

The colours of Peace

The colours of Peace

Me and Michela :)

Me and Michela 🙂

Now I have to go back to my life as a busy student, hope you enjoyed this post, even if it started talking about things that happend a century ago,
Love you all 🙂

Keirati xxx